I got my first white miniature poodle at the age of 15 in 1991. He was Széparcú-fehér Alex. He was the son of "Fehérrezgő-Hangos Elli"/ grandchild of Int.ch.Opál-ponpon Athos/ and "Kormoskősori André"/son of Multi Ch. Miradel Song and Dance"Monthy"/.

We started visiting exchibitions in 1992, more or less successfully. With Alex, we only visited Hungarian exhibitions, and in 1997 he took the award of Babérkoszorús Hungária Champion.

Meantime I finished secondory school, then I became a dog cosmetitian in 1998. My interest in dog cosmetics started when the member of Damona kannel, Quicky came to my family in 1995. Damona Brilliant Quick. The daughter of "Damona Diamond Witch "and Int.Ch. "Miradel Course of Events George".

Quicky took the awards of Hungária Grand Champion and Veterán Champion.

As the son of Alex and Quicky, "Gino" Zengő-Völgyi Nemes Zed was born is 1997 and he is still the part of our family.

Gino took the award of Hungária Grand Champoin, and his brother, "Max" Zengő-Völgyi Nemes Zeg the award of Hungária Champion.

Alex and Quick gave birth to puppies again, in 1999.

Next time,I chose Int.Ch.Flash for Kristl Kamyr, a Czech dog who came to Hungary in 1995, to be the father of Quicky's puppies, in 2000. As the puppy of Flash and Quicky, "Szelly" Zengő-Völgyi Nemes Xénia was born, who took the award of Hungária Junior Champion.

2002-2008, we visited only a few exhibitions with Quicky as a veteran championiar, and took the award of a veteran BOD many times. I was very proud of her.

Unfortunatelly, Alex left us in 2004.

The last few years have passed quietly with Quicky and Gino, my elderly dogs. I got married in April 2009, and of course the poodles took part at the event, as real membres of our family.

Unfortunately, Quicky left us in November 2009 and only a big emptyness reamained.

Gino was very sad of lonelyness, then we decided to get a partner for him. After a sudden decision, we took "Ási" Asan ze Sambhaly from Czech Republic, to be the friend of Gino. Ási is the son of Cz.Ch.Aileen Elaicor and Int.Ch.Ilos Arcanus Ilirija.

We start visiting exhibitions with Ási from the summer of 2010.

Everything strats again....!