2015 of his Octobers into Komárom the Joker Poodle Club on the dog show.
My favourite dog Asan was BEST IN SHOW WIENNER !

Asan new international champion and new Croatian Champion.

The 2015. We were in Budapest in a May with Asan, we were 2 pieces CAC, R.CACIB, KLGY, BOB with titles on a day richer.
We had been to Croatia yet in a May on the Varazdin there CAC-HR,and R.CACIB got and we had been to this month on Szentes finally where CAC and BOB we were gathering in titles.

2015 of his Aprils Asim CAC, BOB received classification so on the Pécs exhibition Hungári Grand Champion title accomplished it.
Asan sat an examination in the dog school and the K99 examination system Ü/ 3 exam levels did it successfully.

2015 of his Februaries Budapest CACIB on an exhibition Asan CACIB, BOB titles last.

O'Nore Carmina Burana „Shiro” ’s girl Qualityline’s Love is in the Air „Lia” into Spain she lives. Asan grandchild. He is one of our big pride.

We are very proud of all 4 of our kid. The title of champion is at all some kind of countries' disposal. . O’Nore C’est La Vie „Sidney Interchampion may be flaunting a title!

2014 Junes Asim Hungária Champion
September Asim Hungária Show Champion
December 2014 of Asim year dogs /poodle/

2013 autumn JUK on an exhibition Asan CAC,KLGY,BOB titles last.
We were on this autumn in Croatia again, on Osijek. In very strong field res.CACIB title we received it.

2013 of his Junes Pécs CAC on an exhibition Asim BOB and res.BOG titles last.
Asan and me on this summer into Croatia ,Don Miholjác CAC we attended an exhibition where BOGt title last.

Asan and Asim a dog goes to a school beside the exhibitions.
Asan is successful in 2013 of his Julies so E/1/obedient/ made an exam the K99 based on an examination system and in November Ü/2 exams accomplished it successfully. Asim successful done in November though E/1 exam.

2013 were found in Hungary in his May organizing the WDS where Asan excellent 3 received classifications into a champion class.
Was found at this time organizing WDS Joker Uszkár club exhibition where Asim is CAC classification, Asan CAC, KLGY, BOB received titles.

Asan fulfilled Hungária Grand Champion conditions in 2012 of his November and 2012 year dogs /poodle/prize we may have taken it over.

In August 2012:
Asim fulfilled the requirements of being a Hungária Junior Champion.
Asan fulfilled the requirements of being a Hungária Show Champion.
Masni tried out to be a sheep-dog, she was very smart.

Asan completed the requriments of being a 'Hungária Champion', so he became a HCH in May 2012.
Asan's daughter Masni became a 'MKSZ hungária junior champion' in May 2012.
Asan's son Asim was introduced twice this year and became a class champion and young club champion in both dog-shows.
Shiro, Asan's son as well, lives in Finland and became a BOB-junior, BOS at his first dog-show.
Congratulation to all our kids!

In October 2011, we decided to move Asan's son, O'Nore Costa Rica Asim to our family. Asim took part in the puppy shaw in Budapest, february 2012 and won the 1st place. Asan won the Champions' Champion 2011 reward in the beginning of year 2012. Asan's daughter O'Nore "C" Present For Damona, Masni moved to my dear friend's, Krisztina Csóka, family and I hope she will deserve to be a worthy member of kennel Damona.

We participated with the more mature Asan in 2011 exhibition with a new hair-do.
Asan has done really well till now this year.
His first-born puppies were born in the middle of June./ 2 female,2 male/
The puppies live in O'nore kennel.
In case of interest:hoyanta@gmail.com

We entered alltogether 5 dog-shows in July.
We started with the ones organized by MKSZ TKOK, out of which one was a club dog-show where Asan won 2 HPJ, 2 HFGY and 1 FKGY awards. After this we entered the CAC dog-show is Székesfehérvár and the two-day long CACIB dog-show in Pécs. Asan won 3 HPJ again.
First and last our 9 and a half month old Asan has fulfilled the conditions of getting the Hungária Junior Champion award!
We are extremely glad about Asan's successes.
Special thanks to my friend Krisztina and of course to the judges.

We took part in the Baby show with Asan in Budapest for the first time on 20.02.2010.
Asan became a baby winner and was chosen out of the XI. breed group in the best in show , so he was among the best ten dogs.
We were very happy with Asan's results at his first competition.